2021 Federal Election

Countdown to the Election Day – September 20, 2021

With the announcement that Canadians will be going to the polls on September 20th, we look forward to a vigorous debate on several issues that Parliament left unfinished.

Of particular note, this applies to the trio of ongoing, highly politicized bills which all tread on the fundamental freedoms of conscience and expression: Bill C-6  banning so-called ‘conversion therapy’, Bill C-10 regulating online content, and, most recently, Bill C-36 targeting any expression deemed ‘hate speech. ’ With the election call, all ongoing bills “die”, which means they will need to be reintroduced and debate started over if they are to be revived. While the death of these bills is cause for thankfulness, we also cannot rest on that fact – given our current cultural context and political climate, it is likely they will be revived soon enough. We will be listening for mention of these bills and the parties’ intentions throughout the election campaign.

We are also hopeful that debate around the expansion of euthanasia will take center stage in this election campaign after the changes made with Bill C-7 in March. The amount of media coverage the bill was getting, and the outpouring of concern from disability rights groups, mental health organizations and more was putting pressure on the government to change the legislation. While the bill still passed, we should expect that some of the widely held concerns present during the debate on C-7 will make their way into the election narrative – and we should help make sure they do!

As the entire country becomes fixated on this election it is our prayer that you will come alongside us in ensuring that those vying for our votes will hear our concerns and positions loud and clear. Please see below for some initial ideas on how you can get involved, and look for more action items in the week to come.

The ARPA Canada Team

The 2021 Election Guide

Below you can find your 2021 Election Guide. This guide is designed not only to help you cast an informed vote, but also to help you engage with local candidates on these issues of focus.

Are you willing to help out a candidate near you who supports the same values you do?

Although ARPA is not directly involved in it, eDay Choice is a new website put together by a coalition of organizations seeking to provide you a real choice that represents your views and values in the upcoming election.

You can find where candidates stand on a variety of issues, and even connect you with your closest pro-life candidate to make a real and impactful difference in the 44th Parliament on issues like abortion, euthanasia, and more.

You can alternatively use the printable form below and you and your family can join up with a local candidate that you support!


All-Canadidates Meetings are opportunities for local candidates and local voters to directly interact. Rather than simply hearing party leaders make promises, voters at all-candidates meetings can get to know the personal values and positions of their local candidates. Organizing all-candidates meetings are excellent opportunities for churches and Christians to focus discussion on key issues that matter to them, such as abortion or euthansia or free speech. We hope that this guide will help churches, ARPA chapters, and other Christian organizations host an all-candidates meeting of their own and positively shape the public discourse around election time.

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