Pre-Born Human Rights

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:13-14

Since R v Morgentaler in 1988 abortion has been legal in Canada, and since the Canadian government has not created any new legislation protecting the unborn, Canada remains one of the only countries in the world without any abortion laws at all. is an organization started by ARPA Canada to focus efforts on this vacuum. Find a link to their website below for more on our efforts.

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23 Nov 2007 Act Now> Unborn Victims of Crime Private Member’s Bill

Now is the time to show your support for Bill C-484. Here are some options: 1) Contact your MP, the Justice Minister, and the Prime Minister. For talking points, check out Ken Epp's fact sheets available on his personal website here. 2) Click here for a PDF of a petition that you can use to collect signatures in support of this legislation. Simply print it off, collect at least 25 signatures, and give it to your MP or to Ken Epp, the MP who introduced this bill. Do this as...

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22 Nov 2007 Unborn Victims of Crime Bill Introduced [Action Item]

Update> This bill has passed its first vote in Parliament and is now before the Justice Committee for further analysis. Press Release - Nov 21, 2007 - Ottawa – Ken Epp, Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Sherwood Park, introduced in the House of Commons today a Private Members Bill that would allow criminal charges to be laid in the death or injury of an unborn child when the child’s mother is the victim of a crime. “This is all about protecting the choice of a woman to give birth to her child,” said Mr. Epp. “It is about condemning the actions of those who would take it upon themselves to criminally assault a pregnant woman and the child she wants and loves, destroying that child against her will.”
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09 Nov 2007 Doing “Something”

by Jon Dykstra (from the April 2004 RP) This story is true, it involves a lot of geography and it most definitely involves God. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer evil going on around you, if you want to do “something” about it but don’t know what to do, just remember God can use even our tiny efforts for His great purpose. Just the facts On March 3, a medical student at the University of Manitoba Medical School was denied his degree because he refused to participate in abortion related activities. On March 18, the Toronto-based website reported that the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, “received a failing grade in an Obstetrics and Gynecology portion of his program for refusing to perform or refer for any abortive procedure. Three separate appeals to the Medical School all failed to correct the matter.”
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19 Oct 2007 Stem Cell Research: A double-edged Sword

By Ryan VanDriel (Surrey/Cloverdale ARPA) April 2002As you read this, legislation is being drafted in our nation's capital over a very controversial issue: stem cell research. What is it and why the controversy? What has our government done on the matter and what is our position? How can you offer the government your input? Well, stem cells are "blank" or "mother" cells that can be extracted, and, when coaxed in a lab setting, can develop into any one of the 200+ different tissue types in the human body.
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11 Oct 2007 A Shirt a Day…

A shirt a day… The vision of the folks behind by Jon Dykstra (Feb. 2006 Reformed Perspective) “Hey, what’s with the shirt? What’s” “I could tell you, but better yet, why don’t you go online and check it out?” ****
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11 Oct 2007 Should We Use Graphic Pro-Life Pictures?

The CTV News clip below shows coverage of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform's Reproductive "Choice" Campaign in Calgary   by Jon Dykstra (first appeared in the September 2002 issue of Reformed Perspective) Greg Cunningham is an “in your face” kind of guy. Last year he began putting 7 by 22 foot pictures of aborted babies on the sides of delivery trucks, which were then driven all over California. On the Memorial Day weekend this year (May 25-27) he took it up a notch, renting a plane and trailing a 30 by 100 foot banner behind it. The banner showed parts of a 10-week-old aborted fetus: an arm and two legs laid out on top of a US nickel to give spectators an idea of the size of the bloody remains. He flew the plane over the Santa Monica beaches, showing the picture to jam-packed holiday weekend crowds.
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29 Sep 2007 Abortion Memorial in Southern Alberta

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the R. v. Morgentaler Supreme Court decision which struck down Canada's abortion law, Souther Alberta ARPA made a large display of crosses to commemorate the over 3 million lives that have been lost through abortion since Canada first legalized it. The memorial is located next to Highway 3 in Coaldale, Alberta. It consists of 100 crosses, each representing 1000 children who are aborted every year in Canada. The display has been covered by the Lethbridge Herald, Country 95.5, CKVN 98.1,, and CBC French. It has received a very positive response from many people.
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