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14 Oct 2020 Are those crickets? ?

Hiring an Ontario Manager, fall tour, livestreams, and school presentations, and did we mention that we've launched a brand new line of ARPA merchandise?

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23 Sep 2020 ⚖ Criminal Charges against your Pastor?

'Defending our Christian Legacy of Freedom'; free lesson plan packages for your students; a federal conversion therapy ban could see criminal charges laid against your pastor or church; and an election is coming to BC!...

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09 Sep 2020 Strong opposition to preaching on Canadian streets

Pastor David Lynn again faces controversy for street preaching, opposing public funding for an abortion clinic in New Brunswick, do we prevent or assist suicide? We must care not kill, and the worldview dilemma behind conversion therapy bans....

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02 Sep 2020 Relationship first, policy second?

Mark shares a story of a meeting he recently had with local leaders about LGBT issues; we are here to help you meet with your MP about euthanasia; and what can Ontarians and British Colombians do to bring more people to worship? ...

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