A Biblical Legacy on Parliament Hill

10 Aug 2015 A Biblical Legacy on Parliament Hill

Almost everyone is familiar with the Bible text that’s carved into the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill.  The words “He shall have Dominion” are taken from Psalm 72. But did you know there are 14 other Biblical references scattered around the seat of Canada’s federal Parliament? On the feature interview this week, Al talks with Tim Bloedow, who’s done extensive research on this, and has written a booklet entitled “The Biblical Legacy of Canada’s Parliament Buildings” (you can order a copy from his website by clicking here). 

In the news, the federal election has precipitated a change in Ottawa’s plans for consultations on euthanasia. Parliament has been told it has to rewrite the Criminal Code in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Carter case. In July, the government appointed a panel to look at the issue, and that panel immediately promised to consult with groups which had made unsuccessful submissions at the Supreme Court. But after the election was called, that panel decided it won’t be hearing from those groups until late October, after voting day. However, individual Canadians are still being invited to submit their thoughts on the issue to the panel via their website. You can make your submission here. (If you’re not sure what to put into your submission, ARPA is working on some talking points, which will be posted to the “Carter Case” page on the main website within the next week or so.) 

A potentially major expansion of abortion services in Canada. The day before the federal election was called, the federal Health Ministry announced it has approved the distribution of a drug called “RU-486”, which is also known as the “morning-after pill.” We Need a Law is mounting an effort to have that decision overturned. More than 1300 emails were sent to the Health Minister and other federal politicians in the days immediately following the approval, and WNAL Executive Director Mike Schouten will be going on a national tour this fall to provide information and talking points for supporters to engage all candidates on this issue during the election campaign. 

And ARPA is one of just three groups that have been invited to present oral arguments to the BC Supreme Court in support of the Trinity Western University Law School. The University is going to court to challenge a decision by the BC Law Society, rescinding an earlier approval of the establishment of a Law School at TWU.

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