A Look at the Reform Act

29 Jun 2015 A Look at the Reform Act

Last week a piece of legislation that started as a Private Member’s Bill passed the Senate and became law. On the feature this week, we talk with MP Michael Chong, who wrote and sponsored the “Reform Act”, about the implications the Act has for the way Parliament operates.

In the news, ARPA is using the summer hiatus at the Alberta Legislature to broadcast information about Bill 10, and how it might be amended. A letter was recently distributed across the province, detailing the problems with the law and proposing ways it could be changed or challenged in court.

LifeSiteNews received a threatening letter from lawyers for the Peel School Board last week, demanding that it remove two news stories from its website. The stories (here and here) detail the efforts of some activist gay and lesbian teachers in Ontario to infuse all of their curriculum with material promoting homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ rights. We have some audio on the program this week from John-Henry Weston, the Editor-in-Chief at LifeSiteNews; audio taken from an interview he did with Brian Lilley at Rebel Media. You can find that full interview here. LifeSiteNews is not backing down, and is demanding that the Peel School District retract its demands.  

We Need a Law has a new legal opinion on the relationship between its campaign for parental consent legislation in Saskatchewan and the legal concept of the “mature minor”.  

And an update on WNAL’s most recent (and highly successful) online fundraising campaign.

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