A New Approach on Assisted Suicide

05 Oct 2015 A New Approach on Assisted Suicide

ARPA has done some new legal research on alternative approaches Parliament could take in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling in the Carter Case. On the feature interview this week, lawyer John Sikkema outlines the results of that research, which essentially calls for a strengthening of anti-euthanasia laws without invoking Section 33 of the Charter.

In the news, the LifeTOUR hosted by WeNeedaLAW.ca is continuing.  This week, we hear from some of the volunteers who have been helping on tour, as well as from attendees at the various events so far.

There’s a new study out on the effects of government-run, universal day care. The results show the very best outcomes for pre-school aged child care involves direct parenting. Quoting from a release issued by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which helped to fund the research, the study found “consistent and robust evidence of negative effects of Quebec’s policy on children, parenting and parenting outcomes.” We discuss this further on the broadcast.

And the Christian Heritage Party picked up a high-profile candidate late last month in Calgary. Jesse Rau is a former city transit driver who lost his job because he refused to drive their ‘rainbow bus’ – a city transit bus decorated with a rainbow flag in support of gay rights. Mr. Rau tells Lighthouse News about how that prompted him to get involved in federal politics.  

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