An Opportunity for Evangelism

01 Jun 2015 An Opportunity for Evangelism

On the feature this week, a brief excerpt from a speech given at the annual ARPA Niagara dinner. Rev. Scott Masson from Tyndale University College talks about the opportunities for witnesses presented by Ontario’s new Sex Education curriculum, and how some churches are squandering that opportunity.

In the news, a Saskatchewan Member of Parliament has introduced a Private Member’s Motion in the Commons, which would entrench the rights of MPs to “vote their conscience” on controversial issues involving abortion and euthanasia.

ARPA is out with an analysis of Bill 77, a proposed new law in Ontario that would make it borderline illegal for pastors and Christian counselors to do their jobs when it comes to working with young people who are struggling with issues of sexual identity. 

Also with “sexual identity”, there’s a push on in BC to eliminate all references to sex or gender on the birth certificates of newborn babies. National Post columnist Barbara Kay had some interesting analysis of this proposal earlier this month.

And, a look back at the most recent We Need a Law flag display, this time in Lethbridge, Alberta. There were some hiccups in getting the necessary municipal permits to hold the event. ARPA Executive Director Mark Penninga wrote an op-ed about that process, which was published in the Lethbridge Herald. 

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