ARPA’s Year in Review

21 Dec 2015 ARPA’s Year in Review

 On this, the final program of calendar year 2015, ARPA’s Executive Director Mark Penninga reviews some of the major issues the organization took on during the year, and looks at the state of Christian political activism in Canada today. The feature interview also looks at a new project launched just last week, and previews some of the big issues that are coming up in 2016.

In the news, a health panel of the Ontario legislature has delivered its report on euthanasia – specifically on how the provinces should move forward on the issue of doctor-assisted suicide. The news is not good. We speak with Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition about where the recommendations could lead.

A federal panel on the same issue has delivered its report to the Health and Justice Ministers, but has not released its findings publicly.

In Quebec, an Appeals Court heard a challenge last Friday of a lower court ruling which negated that Province’s plans to cover euthanasia as part of the province’s “health care” mandate. The court reserved judgement in the case, but the new law is now in effect pending the outcome of that appeal.

The Ontario government is being urged to do more to help the victims of human trafficking. A new report on the issue was released last week, and policy analyst Julia Beazley with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada says the report seems to contradict calls by the Wynne government to rescind the new federal law on prostitution.

ARPA got some good news on the Trinity Western file last week; we were given intervenor status as the Ontario portion of the case moves forward.

Some analysis this week on the final release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report; what’s missing from the document, and some of the implications it could have for Canadian society moving forward.

A programming note. Lighthouse News is taking a break over the Christmas and New Year’s period. Starting in the New Year, the program will be posted on Tuesdays rather than Mondays. The first edition is scheduled for January 12th.

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