ARPA’s Plans for 2015 – Lighthouse News

26 Jan 2015 ARPA’s Plans for 2015 – Lighthouse News

The ARPA Board held its annual meeting last week, laying out the framework for the organization’s plans in 2015.

On the program this week, we take a look ahead at those plans, and we feature some audio from a devotional session that led off one of the Board meetings; a good reminder – from Psalm 82 – of some of the core principles that guide the organization.

Also, We Need a Law’s Mike Schouten on the double standard that’s at play in Health Canada’s possible approval of the “morning after pill”, RU-486.  

ARPA legal counsel, André Schutten, weighs in on a couple of high-profile violations of parental rights; one in Manitoba and the other in Maryland.

And finally, another call to action on the issue of conscience rights for Ontario doctors. Jonathon VanDyken has written an excellent analysis of the issue; it’s available on the ARPA home page. You’re also being asked to respond to a survey on the issue by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario – you can find that survey here.

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