Bill 10 in Alberta

16 Mar 2015 Bill 10 in Alberta

In a remarkable about-face, Alberta Premier Jim Prentice and Education Minister Gordon Dirks pushed through passage of the controversial Bill 10 at the Alberta Legislature last week.  The Bill, which generated considerable opposition when it was first introduced late last year, mandates the creation of so-called “GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) Clubs” in all schools in the Province; (both public and private), if even one students asks for such a club to be set up.  Because of the initial controversy, the Premier withdrew the Bill just before Christmas, but then re-introduced it on the first full day of the spring sitting of the Legislature.  It passed all three readings in a single day.  

On the feature interview this week, we speak with Donna Trimble from Parents for Choice in Education about how the decision was made, and what the implications are for parental rights in Alberta.

Last Friday, the Supreme Court signaled that it’s about to rule on a watershed case involving parental choice in education; a decision is due to be released this coming Thursday in the Loyola case, in which a Catholic High School in Quebec has asked to opt  out of teaching the Quebec government’s “Ethics and Religious Culture” program; or at least to adapt the basics of that curriculum so that it can be taught from a historic Catholic perspective.  ARPA was one of the interveners in the case; you can refresh your memory on the basics of it by clicking here.  

Also on the program this week, reaction to a student blockade of a pro-life demonstration at the University of Alberta.  Lawyer John Carpay with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is threatening legal action against the University if the students who organized the blockade aren’t disciplined.  

And in Ontario, the Christian Medical and Dental Society is putting together a legal challenge of the new “conscience rights” policy unveiled earlier this month by that Province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons.  

Also this week, an update on the “Move my Money” campaign.  You’ll have to listen to the program, but there’s evidence that the initiative now has the attention of the people at the corporate offices of the Bank of Montreal.  

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