The Carter Decision – Where to From Here?

24 Feb 2015 The Carter Decision – Where to From Here?

On the program this week, an in-depth interview on the after-effects of the so-called “Carter Decision” on doctor-assisted suicide.  We talk with ARPA lawyer André Schutten and Don Hutchinson, the former Board Chair of the Christian Legal Fellowship of Canada on what options are open to Parliament in the wake of the decision.  The options include strict regulation of the process of assisted suicide and the use of the Constitutional “Notwithstanding Clause”.

On the news portion of the program, the NDP is using the Carter Decision to step up the pressure on the government to develop a comprehensive strategy dealing with “compassionate care” and end-of-life issues.  We’ll talk to the MP who’s spearheading that push.

The unanswered questions continue to linger over plans in Ontario to introduce a new sex-education curriculum into the school system.  This week, we bring you audio from the floor of Queen’s Park, where Premier Wynne dismissed parental concerns over the plan as “fear-mongering.” 

We also take a look at the demise of the SUN-TV network, and what’s stepping in to replace it, and there’s a brief story about US Supreme Court, which is dropping broad hints that it’s about to mandate the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 States irrespective of citizen’s initiatives and other public opposition against the idea.  

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