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08 Aug 2014 Conscience Rights for Doctors – Lighthouse News

An interview this week, on the conscience rights of medical doctors in Ontario.  The College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario is reviewing whether doctors should have the right to “opt out” of providing certain services, such as prescribing birth control pills or performing abortions if those practices violate their religious beliefs.  There’s a public consultation process underway on the issue now, and we talk to lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos, who has submitted a brief on the issue on behalf of several groups of Christian medical professionals.  (ARPA has also submitted a brief as part of the consultation process.  You can find a copy online, here.)

On the news portion of the program, ARPA has applied for intervener status in two pending legal challenges on the Trinity Western law school debate.

We also continue our series on what some local ARPA chapters have been up to this summer.  A group in Alberta hosted a BBQ for their Member of Parliament with some encouraging results.


And the Ontario government is getting ready to update it’s requirements for sex education.  The issue first surfaced foury ears ago, but was abandoned at least in part because of opposition from the Christian community, which said the proposed curriculum was too explicit and age-inappropriate.   There was a column on the issue in the Toronto Star last week; it was openly hostile to the Christian perspective on this, but it’s worth a read as a primer for parents in Ontario in terms of some of the rhetoric they will be facing when this issue comes back to the forefront.  You can find the column here.  

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