Cozying up to Death

25 May 2015 Cozying up to Death

On the feature this week, the meditation that was given at the Reformed Prayer Service at the National March for Life in Ottawa earlier this month. Rev. Peter Holtvluwer from the Spring Creek Canadian Reformed Church in Tintern, Ontario, talks about the way our culture is “Cozying up to Death.”

In the news, ARPA Canada will be filing an intervention in a BC court case later this year surrounding the Trinity Western Law School application. ARPA was granted intervener status last week in the case, in which Trinity is challenging a decision by the BC Law Society not to allow graduates of the proposed Law School to practice law in BC.

ARPA Executive Director Mark Penninga wrote an op-ed piece that appears in the Vancouver Sun last week on the issue of corporal punishment; the idea that parents should have the right to spank their children. The column was in response to a statement in the House of Commons by Vancouver-Quadra Liberal MP Joyce Murray, who called spanking “a cruel form of punishment,” and decried Section 43 of the Criminal Code as “an archaic flaw in our legal system” The column is based on a policy paper ARPA presented to Parliamentarians almost two years ago. You can find that paper here.

And a video from the National March for Life has gone viral on the Internet. It’s an interview done by Rebel Media’s Merissa Semkiw, (warning: the video contains some graphic language) in which she asks a pro-abortion protestor about when a law against abortion might be appropriate. The man is – if nothing else – very consistent in his approach to the issue, saying abortion should be allowed even “a day” before a child is due to be delivered. And then he adds that even “post-natal abortion” should be allowed, although he’s quick to add that he’s “not advocating murder of any kind.”

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