Death is Natural

13 Apr 2015 Death is Natural

Amid the ongoing discussion over euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide, and the Supreme Court’s “Carter Decision”, the Cardus Foundation has released a new policy report on end-of-life care.  Entitled “Death is Natural: Reframing the End-of-Life Conversation in Canada”, the report calls for a more holistic approach to palliative care.  (You can download the full report here.)  

On the feature interview this week, Al speaks with Cardus Executive VP Ray Pennings about the substance of the report.

On the news, Ontario’s new sex-education curriculum continues to generate strong parental opposition.  A coalition of parent groups met with Premier Kathleen Wynne last week, but the meeting didn’t result in any fundamental progress toward have that curriculum withdrawn or modified.  We talk to one of the participants in that meeting.  

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms in Calgary is out with a new analysis of the Supreme Court’s Loyola decision, an analysis which says that Bill 10 – the Alberta law mandating the establishment of so-called “Gay-Straight Alliances” in all schools in that province – is probably unconstitutional.  On the program this week, the Centre’s John Carpay, on the reasoning behind that analysis.

And ARPA got some support last week from what might be considered an unlikely source – the Ontario Civil Liberties Association – in its pending court challenge of the section of Ontario’s FIPPA law which excludes any statistics on abortion from Freedom of Information requests.  The Association released a position paper on the issue last week; we link to it here.

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