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15 Jun 2015 Equipping Christians

On the feature this week, an interview with Aaron Oosterhoff from ARPA Niagara, about that local chapter’s efforts to raise awareness about Ontario’s new sex education curriculum. Also, a brief snippet from an interview at the Gospel Coalition website with Dr. Albert Mohler from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, about the importance of a Christian witness on these kinds of issues in society. 

On the news, Ontario has rushed through passage Bill 77, the law that takes away government funding for therapy that seeks to change or redirect sexual orientation or gender identity, and imposes an outright ban on any counselling of anyone under 18 which might lead to them re-thinking those issues. ARPA policy analyst Colin Postma tells us that the government refused to hear any input from anyone who might be opposed to the Bill, and that there are worries that other provinces may be considering similar legislation. There’s some EasyMail links up on the ARPA website if you’d like to contact officials in your province on this issue. 

A Christian Heritage Party candidate in Hamilton is out with a new angle on the sex-ed curriculum controversy. Jim Enos is predicting that at least one segment of the population in his province will be very adamant in its opposition to the curriculum when it’s set to take effect this fall. 

And ARPA’s voice was clearly heard in British Columbia last month. Executive Director Mark Penninga was a featured guest on “BC Almanac”, the CBC’s flagship province-wide noon-hour call-in show. He was talking about renewed efforts in Ottawa to ban corporal punishment. We have an excerpt from the program. You can listen to the full podcast here, (starting at around the 23:30 mark).

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