Euthanasia, Abortion and a Tribute – Lighthouse News

22 Apr 2014 Euthanasia, Abortion and a Tribute – Lighthouse News

Does Canada need a truly national strategy for palliative care?  One New Democrat MP thinks so.  In contrast to a push for legalized euthanasia, Charlie Angus wants a discussion on how to improve end of life care.  This week, we have a feature length interview with Mr. Angus about a motion he’s sponsoring on this issue.

Also on the program, an open letter to the Premier of New Brunswick, urging the government there not to bow to pressure to fund the private Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton.  The clinic is set to close at the end of July, mainly for economic reasons, and pro-abortion groups are ramping up the pressure to have taxpayers fund the operation.  

We also have an update on a motion in Parliament to expressly recognize the dignity of every human being, a sound bite of the most expressly Christian tribute given in Parliament to the late Jim Flaherty (you might be surprised at where it came from), and we detail another attempt to smear Christian education – this time in Alberta.  The program references a rebuttal on the issue by Ray Pennings, which you can find in full here.

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