Importance of Abortion Statistics

14 Jul 2014 Importance of Abortion Statistics

An interview this week, on a legal challenge to Ontario’s re-write of its Freedom of Information and Privacy Act – a re-write that explicitly removes the right to access abortion statistics.  We talk to the woman who’s launched the legal challenge.

ARPA has been granted intervener status before the Supreme Court of Canada in the so-called “Carter Case” – a suit that will determine the constitutional validity of the current anti-euthenasia law.  

Another update on Trinity Western University’s attempts to start a law school.

A win for freedom of religion in the City of Nanaimo, where City Council has rescinded a motion that would potentially have banned Christian groups from using civic facilities.  The mayor also issued a public apology.  (Go to about the 19-minute mark of this link to see it for yourself.)

And We Need a Law has a new billboard up on one of BC’s busiest highways.  

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