Court challenge of Abortion Censorship

11 Mar 2014 Court challenge of Abortion Censorship

ARPA is in the forefront of legal challenge, this one against a section of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Section 5.7 of that Act expressly says that abortion statistics are not subject to Freedom of Information requests. Pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney is re-starting a court challenge of that Section, and this time, ARPA will be leading the legal team on this. On the feature interview this week, Al Siebring talks with both Patricia Maloney and ARPA lawyer André Schutten. 

The constitutional challenge was announced at Queen’s Park – the Ontario Legislature – last week, and also featured another pro-life flag display on the Legislature Grounds, organized by Mike Schouten and Niki Pennings from We Need a Law (with a lot of help from ARPA volunteers from across Southern Ontario.)

In other news this week, ARPA is out with a new policy paper on euthanasia and assisted suicide. The document has been sent to every MP, and now ARPA supporters are being asked to remind their Member(s) of Parliament to actually read the document. There are three different easy-mail letters on the website (here, here, and here) that you can customize and send. 

Finance Minister Joe Oliver presented a new budget last week. On this edition of Lighthouse News, Ray Pennings from the Cardus Foundation weighs in on one budget item that you’ve probably never heard of – and it’s good news! 

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