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11 Mar 2014 New! Lighthouse News

Listen online at ARPA Canada is pleased to present our very own news broadcast, featuring host Al Siebring! Lighthouse News seeks to educated and equip our listeners via a credible and hope-filled alternative to the mainstream media. We will offer a new broadcast every two weeks, and you can get them all streamed to your computer, ipod, or phone via iTunes (see below).

On the program this week:There’s more support than you may think for a number of pro-life initiatives introduced in Parliament during the past year. Blogger Patricia Maloney has done some research, and filed some FOI requests with the Privy Council Office with respect to the correspondence the Prime Minister’s been getting on this. The results may surprise you.

Mike Schouten from recently appeared on Brian Lilley’s “ByLine” program on SUN-TV to talk about the new parental consent initiative that’s been launched in Saskatchewan. We feature audio from part of the interview – if you haven’t seen it yet, the full video interview is here.

We also look back at the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa, and update Trinity Western University’s battle to start a law school.

And two indepth interviews this week. Mike Schouten weighs in on the prospects of having a bill to ban sex-selective abortions introduced in Parliament this year, and ARPA legal counsel Andre Schutten has an update on the Loyola court case. 
ARPA has been granted intervener status in the case. The “factum” is being filed with the Supreme Court of Canada this week, and we should hear soon whether there will be an opportunity to present oral arguments in the case.

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