Lighthouse News – The Carter Decision

09 Feb 2015 Lighthouse News – The Carter Decision

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled last week in the so-called Carter Case.  The ruling strikes down Section 241 b) of the Criminal Code – essentially removing any restrictions on doctor-assisted suicide in Canada.   On the program this week, we have preliminary reaction from a number of people, including Alex Schadenberg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and others.   

We plan, DV, to spend more time analyzing the implications of this decision on the next program, which should be posted on February 23rd, and we’d like your input into that analysis.  To that end, we’ve created a new widget on the website – an “Answering Machine” feature.  Just look at the top of the page to find it, click the link, and leave us your brief comment or question – maximum 90 seconds. 

The other news story this week involves another assault on the conscience rights of doctors, this time in Saskatchewan.  The Provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons is out with a draft policy which, in some sense, is even more egregious and objectionable than what’s being proposed in Ontario.  Interestingly, there’s a line in the Carter ruling which might have a bearing on this – you’ll have to listen to the program to find the connection. 

Also some very positive news.  On the feature interview, we speak with ARPA legal counsel André Schutten about a ruling from the Nova Scotia Supreme Courtin late January; a ruling which resoundingly supports Trinity Western University in its efforts to establish a Christian Law School.

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