Lunney Leaves His Party

13 Apr 2015 Lunney Leaves His Party

A long-time Conservative Member of Parliament walked out of his Party just before Easter, and the central reason for his departure had to do with freedom of religion.  Dr. James Lunney, the MP for Nanaimo/Alberni on Vancouver Island, said he wanted to be free to express his opinions on issues coming before Parliament from an expressly Christian perspective, and that he didn’t want to put the Prime Minister or other members of his caucus in the awkward position where they would be called upon to defend his views.
On the program this week, an exclusive interview with Dr. Lunney, where he weighs in on the challenges facing Christian Parliamentarians, as well as providing his take on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the state of religious freedom in Canada today.

We also look at a new resource for ARPA chapters to help stimulate discussion about end-of-life and palliative care, and we talk to two new staff members who’ve recently been brought into the organization.

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