Moral Equivalence on Terrorism

12 Jan 2015 Moral Equivalence on Terrorism

 On the feature interview this week, we talk with Dr. Scott Masson from the Ezra Institute about the terrorist attack at the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine.  The interview is an attempt to put the attacks into perspective, and to give you some apologetic tools against the notion that “religion, by its very nature, leads to extremism.”

The interview includes references to several online articles including this piece by London Imam Anjem Choudary, and an op-ed written the day after the attack by leading Baptist scholar Albert Mohler.   After listening to the interview, you’re also invited to use ARPA’s “EasyMail” feature to communicate with your MP on this issue

On the news portion, some comments from Winnipeg MP Lawrence Toet about yet another high-profile retirement from the ProLife Parliamentary Caucus, an incremental win for Trinity Western University in the Law School debate, and a look back at ARPA’s presentation on the TWU issue before the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.

We also talk to Andrea Mrozek from the Institute for Marriage and Families Canada about the “Top 5 Social Policy Stories of 2014”.

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