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02 Mar 2015 Move Your Money

The Bank of Montreal and at least 70 other corporations are being publicly challenged over their opposition to a proposed Christian law school. This is coming to a head on Wednesday, when people are being encouraged to move their money from BMO as a wake-up call to the bank (though action against all 72 corporations is welcomed and encouraged). According to the Institute for Canadian Values, BMO is one of the most aggressive – even screening all of the law firms they contract with for adequate “diversity” statistics among their employees. You can read ARPA’s take on the issue here. Now, the Institute for Canadian Values is urging people who disagree with the Bank’s position to “move their money”, and to do so this Wednesday, March 4th. On the feature portion of the program today, we look at the issue, and hear from some of the people involved, including three MPs who made speeches in the House of Commons challenging these corporations.

On the news portion, the Province of Ontario came out with its new Health and Physical Education curriculum last week.  The package includes everything from nutrition to physical fitness and mental health, but most of the attention is going to the new sex education component of the new curriculum.  We have reaction this week from Gwen Landoldt at Real Women of Canada, and we talk to the principal of one of the largest Christian Schools in the Niagara region about how the curriculum will impact his school.  (You might be surprised at the answer.)   

And, a look ahead to a national political tour that starts later this month; essentially a precursor to this fall’s federal election.  Campaign Life Coalition and the Canadian Centre for BioEthical Reform are launching a campaign called “No2Trudeau”.  We talk about the politics, and the reasons for what appears to be a fairly partisan campaign

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