Ontario Election Guide

28 May 2018 Ontario Election Guide

On the feature this week, ARPA is out with a guide to the Ontario provincial election. While there are no candidate or party endorsements, the guide is designed to provide information to help focus on a number of key issues in the campaign.

In the news:

WNAL Billboards: ARPA’s pro-life arm, We Need a Law, is getting ready to launch a national billboard campaign in support of a proposed new International Standards Abortion Law.

RU 486:  As the pro-choice side continues to pressure government to increase the availability of the so-called “morning after” abortion pill, WNAL researcher Anna Nienhuis is out with a blog post highlighting the consistencies and dangers of those demands.

The State of Marriage in Canada:  A new survey shows Canadians are less and less convinced of the importance of marriage as an institution.

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