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27 May 2014 Overton Window – Lighthouse News

The Overton Window.  It’s a theory that tries to pinpoint what political positions are – and are not – palatable in Society.  On the program this week, we feature an interview which applies the theory to Canada’s resurgent debate on abortion, and tries to provide some insights into “shifting” that window in a more pro-life direction. There has been no shortage of discussion on the matter ever since Justin Trudeau issued his ultimatum to Liberal candidates in early May.  Mike Schouten from WNAL appeared on SUN TV to discuss Mr. Trudeau’s position.  We feature some audio clips from that program this week.

We also refer to a number of print articles in the broadcast, from the National Post, the Calgary Herald, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Star, and a gem of a letter to the editor written by the former Chief Justice of Prince Edward Island. Also on the program, a brief update on the legal machinations surrounding the Trinity Western University Law School case.  

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