Panel Discussion: The Liberal Cabinet

09 Nov 2015 Panel Discussion: The Liberal Cabinet

One of the new Cabinet Ministers appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is “a member of Community Mennonite Church in Stouffville (Ontario)”, and “she is a song leader for the congregation.”  On the feature this week, a panel discussion reviewing the new Cabinet, and what ARPA’s supporters might expect from them in the next four years.

In the news, the City of Toronto is facing legal action for denying a Christian music festival to take place in a downtown park.  The reason? The officials claimed that because some of the music explicitly mentions the name of Jesus the event constitutes “proselytizing,” which is apparently not permitted.

The final ruling on the case in London, Ontario surrounding the crash at a Costco has been handed down. The case is another clear illustration of the inconsistencies in Canada’s Criminal Code when it comes to the rights and status of the unborn.


The gruesome Planned Parenthood videos continue to be leaked in the U.S. 
Jonathon Van Maren of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform has been following each release, and discusses some of the latest revelations.

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