Public Education – Cultural Genocide?

24 Aug 2015 Public Education – Cultural Genocide?

One of the most controversial aspects of the recently-released Truth and Reconciliation Commission report was the use of the term “cultural genocide” to describe the practice of residential schooling that took place during the 1800s and 1900s in Canada.” So begins an article posted on the ARPA website this summer about the parallels between the abuses of the residential school system and the way Christian and independent schools are now being marginalized in today’s culture. The article was written by Kent Dykstra, the Principal of William of Orange Christian School in Surrey, BC. On the feature interview this week, we talk to Mr. Dykstra about the central assertion of his article – that some governments are repeating the mistakes of the residential schools debacle in the context of today’s education system.

In the news, the government of Quebec has introduced a new law to strengthen the powers of its Human Rights Commission and weaken the concept of parental authority.  We have some legal updates on the Trinity Western Law School case this week.The federal euthanasia panel is now taking online submissions.  Full details, including some suggested talking points, are here.  WeNeedaLaw is getting ready for its fall LifeTOUR. This year the tour will be travelling from coast to coast with the aim of empowering pro-lifers – particularly in this election season – by focusing on three issues: sex-selective abortion, unborn victims of crime, and “fetal pain” during abortion. (Complete details and a full tour schedule can be found here.)

An Ontario man has managed to force both the federal Health and Justice ministries to correct their approach to corporal punishment. Harold Hoff found that both ministries were disseminating factually incorrect material on the issue. He engaged in some comprehensive research to prove his point, published that research, and then took it to his Member of Parliament.  Both ministries have now moved to correct their information. 

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