Safe Families Canada

22 Sep 2014 Safe Families Canada

On the feature interview this week, a discussion about how your church can help to provide some stability for at-risk families in your community.  Jennifer Forbes is the Executive Director of Safe Families Canada, a group that has started doing this in the Toronto area, and is looking to expand to other cities.

On the news portion, we talk with ARPA lawyer Andre Schutten about the Oct 22nd shooting in Ottawa.  His office literally overlooks the area where it all took place, and he has some unique perspectives on what happened. 

We also talk about the “Carter case” – ARPA was in the Supreme Court earlier this month as the final arguments were being made about whether Canada’s laws against euthanasia/assisted suicide should be allowed to stand.   And while that hearing was going on, there was a demonstration in Southern Alberta in support of life.  We talk to one of the organizers.

Also.. an update on Bill C-29; what it is, and what you can do to have some input into it.

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