Strength to Fight

09 Mar 2015 Strength to Fight

More than 80 percent of men in North America are known to view online pornography at least once a month.  The situation is particularly serious among young people, who are the most Internet-savvy.  On the feature interview this week, Jonathon VanMaren on a new initiative called “Strength to Fight”, a campaign that includes tools to help fight porn addiction.

On the news portion of the program, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is out with its final decision on the so-called “conscience rights” issue for doctors, and the news is not good for Christians who practice medicine in that province.  We also look at ARPA’s presence at the annual Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa, some more analysis of the Carter case and Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum, and an update on the so-called “bathroom bill” – Ottawa’s attempt to end discrimination against trans-gendered people.  (It now appears the Bill will die on the order paper before this fall’s election.)  

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