The Economics of Climate Change

08 Sep 2014 The Economics of Climate Change

An interview this week with one of Canada’s leading experts on the economics of Climate Change.  Dr. Ross McKitrick is a Professor of Economics and the Chair of Graduate Studies at the University of Guelph.  In the interview, he makes references to a website he’s created called, which you can access by clicking here.  

In the interview, Dr. McKitrick also refutes the underlying presuppositions of a popular comic on the Climate Change controversy.  While the comic is described in the interview, it may be helpful for you to see it:

On the news portion of the program this week, almost 20 Conservative MP’s are announcing their plans to retire before next year’s election.  A good number of them have been quite friendly towards pro-life and family causes, and on this week’s program, Mike Schouten from We Need a Law weighs in on the ramifications of those retirements.  

The preliminary results are now in on the “Doctor’s Conscience Rights” consultation in Ontario – an issue we featured in our interview last month, and there’s a slight shift in the nuance of the Canadian Medical Association’s position on euthanasia – a shift that’s not terribly friendly to the pro-life cause.  

We also take a look ahead to the itinerary – and the topics – for this year’s annual ARPA National Tour, which kicks off in Ottawa next month.  


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