The Ethics of Christian Civil Disobedience

14 Sep 2015 The Ethics of Christian Civil Disobedience

In the news this week political turmoil surrounding the County Clerk Kim Davis in Morehead Kentucky who was sent to prison for refusing to issue marriage licenses.  Her refusal, she says, was based on opposition to the US Supreme Court ruling which mandated that all States must start issuing those licenses to same-sex couples.  Davis argued she couldn’t do that in violation of her Christian worldview. On the feature interview today, a look at the underlying ethics of Christian civil disobedience, with Dr. Nelson Kloosterman.  His website has hosted a discussion on this issue in recent weeks, and we get his assessment of the political stance Kim Davis has taken. 

In the news, ARPA has a new “election guide” on our home page to help you sort through the various positions the parties have taken in the current Canadian federal election – positions on issues that should be of importance to Christians.  On the program this week, we speak with Executive Director Mark Penninga about why this was published, and how it can be used. 

Several ARPA chapters are hosting all-candidates’ forums in the election in the next few weeks.  We talk to some of the organizers about what’s involved in putting on an event like this. 

And, some great news out of the British Parliament on the issue of doctor-assisted suicide.  

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