The Loyola Ruling

16 Mar 2015 The Loyola Ruling

The Supreme Court of Canada has finally issued its ruling in the Loyola Case and it’s a qualified victory for the Christian School movement in Canada. On the feature interview this week, ARPA lawyer André Schutten explains the subtle distinctions in the ruling; part of it was unanimous, and part of it was a “split vote” which left some ambiguity.

Also an important court ruling in the U.S. last week on freedom of religion, this one granting a religious-based exemption from “Obama-Care”, the new national health care program there.  

An update on the ongoing “No2Trudeau” campaign.  It’s starting to get some national media attention, but not all of that attention is accurate or positive.

And a situation in Windsor, Ontario, is leading to renewed calls to revive Bill C-484; legislation that would have amended the Criminal Code when it comes to murders involving pregnant women.  The story references several Facebook pages (here and here), and a major petition drive that’s been launched at

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