The Saguenay Decision

13 Apr 2015 The Saguenay Decision

The Supreme Court of Canada has issued another landmark ruling on religious freedoms. This one is focused on whether government bodies, such as municipal Councils, can open their proceedings with public prayer. The so-called “Saguenay Decision” is the final outcome of a drawn-out legal battle that started when an atheist in Saguenay, Quebec, took his mayor and council to the provincial Human Rights Tribunal, claiming that an expressly Catholic prayer which had long been used at the start of Council meetings there constituted discrimination against his atheism.  Ultimately, the Supreme Court sided with the complainant, but the decision is quite complicated. On the feature interview this week, we speak with Bruce Clemenger from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada on the practical implications of the decision.

Also on the program, home schoolers in Alberta are upset with the latest provincial budget there, which they say includes unfair funding cuts for parents who choose to education their children at home. We talk with Paul van den Bosch, the President of the Alberta Home Educator’s Association, about the specifics of the budget.

And Mike Schouten from We Need a Law weighs in on some shocking new statistics about live-birth abortions in Canada; numbers uncovered by pro-life blogger Patricia Maloney.

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