Working Alongside Non-Christians

02 May 2016 Working Alongside Non-Christians

Is it acceptable for Christians to work alongside non-Christians to effect social and political change? That’s the topic on the feature today – some audio we lifted from the Desiring God podcast with John Piper. You can hear the original podcast here, or view a transcript of Dr. Piper’s comments here.

In the news, the federal government has approved the use of the so-called “morning-after” abortion pill, RU-486. On this week’s program, we speak with We Need a Law’s Anna Nienhuis about this. Anna has also written an op-ed piece on this, which you can read here.

A sad story out of Nelson, BC, where a young couple has been found guilty of failing to provide the necessities of life for their 19-month-old son, who died of meningitis. The couple didn’t realize the extent of the boy’s illness, and had been treating him for the flu.

The Court Challenges program is coming back. The federal government has committed $5-million dollars a year to the program, which was designed to help certain groups launch Constitutional challenges of various federal laws. REAL Women of Canada has long opposed the program, and is making some suggestions about what it should look like if it’s going to be re-instated.

And this week we take an advance look at a new movie that’s coming out on Belgium’s experience with euthanasia and doctor-assisted death. You can view the trailer here.

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