“Conduct Unbecoming”: Chris Kempling and the BCCT

19 Oct 2007 “Conduct Unbecoming”: Chris Kempling and the BCCT

By George Gunnink (Surrey/Cloverdale ARPA)

The freedom to express and promote a Christian worldview is being challenged on many fronts in our nation. In particular, this freedom has been challenged by the homosexual community, which is not interested in hearing any opposition to its sinful lifestyle. A story involving the BC College of Teachers (BCCT, the regulatory body responsible for monitoring the performance and conduct of school teachers) is just one example of the homosexual agenda at work in government and regulatory bodies.

The story is that of Chris Kempling. On February 1, 2003, ARPA had the pleasure and honour of hosting Mr. Kempling as our guest speaker. Mr. Kempling is a Christian public school teacher from Quesnel who has also been active as a school and Christian counsellor. His dispute with the BCCT began in October, 1996 when he attended a seminar sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The seminar was entitled “Gay, Lesbian and Trans-gendered Youth at Risk” and was presented (he discovered when he showed up) by the Gay and Lesbian Educators (GALE). At this seminar, school teachers and counsellors were encouraged to use homosexual literature to promote the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. Much of this literature, besides actively promoting homosexuality, also included very sexually explicit material.

Mr. Kempling’s reaction was one of disgust and surprise. He expressed his views to the Ministry of Education, the BCCT, and the BC Teacher’s Federation (BCTF, the powerful union representing BC public school teachers) in a series of private letters. His concerns were largely ignored. This concerned Mr. Kempling, and he felt that parents should be made aware of what their children could be exposed to. He did so by writing a number of letters to the editor of his local newspaper, and by writing a column in that newspaper stating his opposition to the promotion of homosexuality in public schools. He received mixed response to these letters, as he expected, and was more than willing to take the heat for expressing a controversial viewpoint.

However, he also received some unexpected heat from the BCCT. A Quesnel resident, he later learned, had been clipping his writings and had sent them to the BCCT. This resident expressed a concern that Mr. Kempling was engaged in something that was not proper for a public educator to be doing: publicly expressing his views on homosexuality. The BCCT’s reaction came as a surprise to Mr. Kempling: in May 2002, the regulatory body (composed largely of members of good standing of the BCTF) convicted him of “conduct unbecoming of a member of the BCCT.” The BCCT made this conviction after reviewing his various letters, and declared in a letter to Mr. Kempling that everything he had written was “in its entirety… discriminatory and derogatory.”

Mr. Kempling protested this finding, stating that the view he expressed was one based on his religious convictions, and on scientific data that very clearly confirms that those who live a homosexual lifestyle “receive[d] in themselves the due penalty for their perversion” (Rom. 1:27). The BCCT has refused to listen to his arguments and has sentenced him to a teaching suspension for engaging in “conduct unbecoming.” At the time of writing, the length of the sentence had not yet been determined. However, Mr. Kempling has already challenged the BCCT’s decision by appealing it in the BC Supreme Court. He realistically suspects that the matter will go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada by way of appeals over the next couple of years, with legal fees in the hundreds of thousands.

Why should we care about all this? Mr. Kempling answered this by stressing that the gay lobby uses small hinges to move very large doors. Through distortion of the facts and powerful propaganda, the gay lobby has won the support of many in positions of power, and is rapidly turning public sentiment to its favour.

There are many reasons why this is an issue that should matter to us. It should matter to us that homosexuality is embraced in many public school classrooms. It should be terribly offensive to us that lies are being taught in any school, in particular lies that may lead many to embrace a life of sin with all of its temporal and eternal consequences. The teaching of these lies to the children who will be our neighbours in the years to come should truly alarm us. This is the type of society in which the church will have to exist, with all the challenges that come with it.

Further, it should matter to us that Mr. Kempling has been sanctioned for speaking out on the basis of religious convictions. He painted a very gloomy picture for us of a society in which, based on the precedent in the Kempling case, regulatory and government bodies sanction Christians who dare to speak the name of Christ, who dare to speak the truth. He questioned whether one day it might be obligatory to teach “tolerance” of homosexuality, so that even our private schools would be required to offer courses teaching acceptance of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. If we failed to do so, we would risk losing our funding, or even worse, the ability to graduate students with recognized diplomas. Indeed, the official position of the BCTF is (and has been for some time) that private schools should receive no public funding at all. The goal of the homosexual lobby: to silence the Christian voice so that the homosexual lie goes unchallenged (it certainly cannot stand the scrutiny of the Truth).

Of course, when it comes right down to it, the threats to our freedom to express a Christian perspective are meaningless if we don’t truly value the freedom and actually exercise it. May the Lord work with his Spirit in us so that we truly are salt and light in this world. We must all pray for the wisdom and passion for righteousness so that we do indeed fulfill our roles in the world, calling all men to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Our calling right now is clear: we must actively oppose the homosexual agenda by exercising the freedom that God has blessed us with in this country. Let’s begin with expressing our disagreement with the actions of the BCCT in Mr. Kempling’s case. Let’s echo that disagreement to the Ministry of Education: that we disagree with homosexuality being promoted in schools, and with homosexual material being made available as teaching resources. Let’s express our support for Mr. Kempling, by donating to the trust fund established to assist him in paying his legal fees (Christian Public School Teachers’ Legal Defense Fund c/o Jim Sagert, 798 Beaubien Ave Quesnel, BC V2J 1S5). Above all, let us pray to our Father in heaven that in the dark ages in which we live, we may stand firm for the truth and expose the lie that lives all around us. May there be enough to evidence to convict us of “conduct unbecoming,” should we ever be called to account for our actions.

  • While the gay community would have us believe that 10% of the population is homosexual, in reality that figure is only between 2 –3 %.
  • Among practicing gay men, the average age of death is 41, while among heterosexual men, it is 72. Among lesbians, the average age of death is 43, while among heterosexual women, it is 75.
  • The term “homophobe” is a misnomer and an example of twisted scientific terminology: It suggests that anyone who disagrees with homosexuality has an irrational fear of homosexuals. As Mr. Kempling noted, he has never met one that he was afraid of.
  • Homosexuality used to be a recognized psychological disorder. When it was de-listed as a mental disorder, it was not on the basis of any scientific data whatsoever. Due to the same lobby, social scientists wishing to research the ills of homosexuality are not able to get funding to carry out their research.
  • In an attempt to indoctrinate Christian children in public schools, BCTF-approved classroom resources cite David and Jonathan as examples of homosexuals in the Bible.



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