Giving thanks….for dads

13 Jun 2008 Giving thanks….for dads

dadIts Father’s Day on Sunday. Why do we set apart a day to celebrate our fathers? It is because we once understood that fathers are crucial for families, and families are crucial for our nation. God has given fathers a special task of leadership in the home. Their lives have a profound influence on their marriage and their children. As such, they deserve respect and honour. Father’s day is a small way to show them this honour and thanks for what they have done.

God has set a high standard for fathers. Through Christ He has made Himself known to us as our Father in Heaven. He cares for us by giving us everything we need, He is patient, and gracious, but He also protects us with His justice. Earthly fathers are called to do the same for their children. On our own, we are unable to do this. We need God’s help. Let us pray for the fathers in our land. For their lives will shape this country. And may we, as Christian fathers, be a light to our nation by leading our homes God’s way.

Thank you dad, for being a faithful father to us.


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