Pray for our Nation

03 Dec 2008 Pray for our Nation

In a surprising turn of events, Canada’s new Parliament has been thrown into upheaval with the opposition parties planning to take over government. Blame is flying in all directions. Beneath it all seems to be partisan bickering in which each of the parties is trying to exploit the current political situation to their own advantage. Instead of ruling this country in a way that puts peace and stability first, the parties seem intent on furthering their own interests.

ARPA Canada is not a partisan organization. There is no need to point fingers and add to the blame game. Instead, we urge all readers to not get caught up in this political game but instead to bring our government before God in prayer. Our leaders are accountable to Him and God instructs us to pray for them. They really need His direction and a spirit of wisdom and humility. Pray that God would work this in their hearts so that our country may be blessed. 

If you would like to take further action, consider writing a letter to your MP, the party leaders and the Governor General ([email protected], [email protected][email protected], [email protected], Governor General – [email protected]).

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