Ontario makes kindergarten plan official

27 Oct 2009 Ontario makes kindergarten plan official

ARPA Action Item: Ontario residents, please contact your MPP about this issue (contact information is here.) There are many good articles that explain why the government should be encouraging parents to look after their children rather than funding a gigantic child-care program using the rhetoric of “early-childhood learning” to justify it. Click here for an article by BV ARPA on a similar move in BC and click here for articles from some mainstream papers against  this.

Canadian Press, Oct 27/09: Ontario will move ahead with full-day kindergarten for all four and five year olds despite an unprecedented deficit, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday. The program will cost $1.5 billion a year once it’s fully implemented by 2015, about $500 million more than originally thought.  [Continue reading this article here.]

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