The Copenhagen Treaty

16 Nov 2009 The Copenhagen Treaty

ARPA Note and Action Item: The United Nations (including Canada) are meeting in Copenhagen in December with the purpose of making a treaty to combat climate change. Why has there been so much pressure to come up with a treaty after the failure of Kyoto? One of the motivations behind this movement is using the concern over the environment to advance a form of international socialism in which industrial nations give large sums of money to developing countries because of their “carbon footprint”. This sounds like the payment of indulgences for sins of omissions (the state religion being pantheistic humanism). For more information, have a look at the proposed Copenhagen treaty. After reading the article below, please consider writing a note to Prime Minister Harper, Environment Minister Prentice, and your MP, urging them to climb off of the climate change bandwagon.

By Kevin Libin, National Post (Oct 9, 2009): The Kyoto Protocol — which expires in 2012, and which Copenhagen is intended to replace — was in some corners accused of being a covert wealth transfer plot, since it required rich nations, unable to reach difficult targets, to buy carbon indulgences from poorer ones: “a socialist scheme to suck money out of wealth-producing nations,” was Stephen Harper’s assessment, long before he became Prime Minister. [Read the full article here.]

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