Tolerance for All (Except Christians Of Course)

01 Feb 2010 Tolerance for All (Except Christians Of Course)

ARPA Note: Mr. Lewis seems to have forgotten that most of the best-known universities in the world started out as Christian and that it is the Christian faith that gave rise to academic freedom to begin with.

Faith as a Guide in Higher Learning: Can Academic Freedom Exist in Overtly Religious Universities? Charles Lewis, National Post, Jan 30 2010:

Adispute has erupted between the country’s largest association of university teachers and a group of Christian schools, raising questions over whether academic freedom can exist in an overtly religious environment. The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has issued a report that says B.C.-based Trinity Western University falls below the standard of proper academic freedom because it requires its faculty sign a statement of Christian faith before being hired. [Continue reading this article here.]

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