Legal Guide for Reformed Churches

21 Oct 2010 Legal Guide for Reformed Churches

Over the past few weeks ARPA Canada’s Legal Guide has been sent free of charge to all the CanRC, URC, FRC, HRC, NRC, and Presbyterian Reformed churches in Canada. It provides expert advice and sample documents to protect the churches from human rights complaints. We are already getting a very positive response from the leadership in these churches. However, we are also getting some questions about further distribution and getting more copies.

If your church has received a copy and would like more copies, we welcome you to photocopy it as long as the copies are limited to the church members.

We have decided that we will not release a digital version because we are concerned that anything digital easily goes beyond the intended audience. Furthermore, e-versions can also be divided into smaller parts and loose the context in which they were meant. Out of respect for the work of the lawyers who helped us with this, we want to ensure the quality of the guide and therefore decided to make it available only in print format. One further reason why we like the print version is that it encourages local churches to type out each policy and therefore put some thought into whether they want their policy to look like the one we provide. It encourages churches to “make it their own.”

At this point we are not making the legal guide available to a broader audience then the churches to whom our mission is devoted.

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