Abortion: Who gets to define quality of life?

10 Oct 2011 Abortion: Who gets to define quality of life?

Langley Advance, Oct 6 2011: Thank you for printing the letter of Travis Erbacher [Decision women’s, Oct. 4 Letters, Langley Advance]. While Mr. Erbacher’s misinformed, vitriolic rant is certainly not indicative of everyone in the pro-abortion camp, it gives the reader a sampling of how ridiculous one looks as they try and defend the killing of the unborn as simply a woman’s decision.

What is especially troublesome is that, while clearly enraged and unable to bring forward any reasonable arguments why Canada should continue allowing a holocaust against the unborn, Erbacher resorts to blasphemy by attacking Mr. Clark’s God.

But, unlike Erbacher, I’m in favour of free speech, and so I would like to submit that, for him to argue that quality of life determines whether or not you are a person is borderline lunacy.

He states, “A fetus… will be given terrible odds at living a good life…” What exactly is a “good life”? Is that determined by what kind of house one lives in? What your salary is? What level of education one has? What part of the world you live in?

Science has shown that, from the moment of conception, a separate, altogether new human being has begun his/her life. That fact is indisputable.

More importantly, and what Mr. Erbacher also needs to understand, is that neither he nor anyone else has the authority to define what does or doesn’t make you a person. History has shown the resulting evil when mankind pursues this line of thinking, and it’s for that reason that people like Mr. Clark [Abortion harms everyone, Sept. 8 Letters, Langley Advance] and myself bring this issue up in the local newspapers instead of leaving a sticky note on the fridge.

Mike Schouten, Surrey

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