ARPA NIAGARA invites you for dinner…

07 Mar 2012 ARPA NIAGARA invites you for dinner…

The Niagara ARPA Group is hosting a gourmet banquet, 6:00 PM, Saturday, March 17 at Heritage Christian School in Jordan. A three course meal will be served starting with a Ceasar salad appetizer. The dinner will be accompanied by live entertainment by local musicians. Following the dinner, ARPA Ontario Director and Legal Counsel Andre Schutten will address the room drawing from the past and looking at the future focussing on ‘why we keep trying; Inspiration from the past and bright hope for the tomorrow’.

Tickets to cover costs are $20 and opportunity for a donation towards Niagara ARPA or ARPA Canada is also given. Please RSVP to Michael or Victoria Zwiep at 905-892-9160 or email at [email protected]

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