Gideon Strauss on Principled Pluralism

09 Nov 2012 Gideon Strauss on Principled Pluralism

Find an 8 minute video of Gideon Strauss making the case for Principled Pluralism here. This is a concept that has been expounded further in God & Government, a quality book recently written by ARPA board member Dr. Cornelis Van Dam.

What follows is the description of the short video: “From debates about the hiring practices of churches to rumors of community adherence to Sharia law, Americans have long been facing questions regarding the role of various religions in public life. As our nation grows increasingly diverse, can we coexist without compromising those principles we hold dear? Gideon Strauss says the answer lies in “principled pluralism,” a paradigm that allocates enough freedom of conscience, worship, and practice that all faiths can flourish rather than compete.”

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