Casino in the Capital: Short Term Gain or Long Term Pain?

11 Nov 2012 Casino in the Capital: Short Term Gain or Long Term Pain?

The City of Ottawa recently sent a letter to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), expressing interest in becoming a host city to a large gaming entertainment centre (read: casino). You can learn more about that story here. We were happy to hear that at least some councillors were hesitant about the idea, expressing concern over the social welfare of the city. ARPA Canada drafted a letter to Mayor Jim Watson and the 23 councillors outlining the risks and hidden costs of such a project and urging caution. Often overlooked, the costs to public health and public security far outweigh any economic benefit such a project can bring to a city. Check out the letter below, and if you’re from Ottawa or the surrounding area, we encourage you to contact the mayor and your councillor and urge them to rethink their interest in this project. The mayor’s contact information can be found here and your councillor’s contact information can be found here.

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