Quebec’s Euthanasia Bill – Take Action

11 Jul 2013 Quebec’s Euthanasia Bill – Take Action

The Quebec provincial government has introduced legislation (Bill 52) that would legalize euthanasia in the province, even though the Criminal Code prohibits euthanasia and assisted suicide. ARPA Canada, and dozens of other organizations, made submissions to the Quebec committee that was tasked with studying the issue (find ours here). Sadly, it is clear that the committee had made up its mind even before it started its consultations. 

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition has an excellent response to Bill 52 that destroys the rhetoric and exposes the bill for what it is – “full of false claims, euphemisms and ambiguous language. It is a very dangerous bill.” Find their analysis here. Also, LifeCanada is organizing a nation-wide response – learn more here. 

Canada’s Justice Minister has indicated that the government will look at Quebec’s bill in light of our Criminal Code and a 2010 vote in Parliament against euthanasia. Please encourage the Justice Minister to do all he can to ensure that Quebec upholds the Criminal Code and protects some of our most vulnerable citizens. An EasyMail letter urging the Justice Minister, Prime Minister, and your MP to do just that is available here

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