Proposed Christian law school clears major hurdle

17 Dec 2013 Proposed Christian law school clears major hurdle

TWU_law_school2.jpgWe are happy and thankful to report that Trinity Western University (TWU) has cleared a major hurdle on its quest for a Christian law school. The Federation of Law Societies of Canada gave preliminary approval to the university’s proposed law school. All that’s left now is approval from the BC Ministry of Advanced Education. TWU has been working on creating a Christian law school, the first in Canada, for quite some time. There has been incredible pushback however, especially from anti-Christian lawyers. In fact, even if TWU’s law school is approved, some vow to challenge its legitimacy in court. We’ve tackled their faulty arguments before. You can see our brief critique as published this summer in the National Post here. For a more in-depth Reformed critique, check out the attached article, as published in Reformed Perspective magazine this fall.  (photo credit)

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