Breaking News: Supreme Court declares prostitution laws unconstitutional

20 Dec 2013 Breaking News: Supreme Court declares prostitution laws unconstitutional

CTV_panel_discussion_Prostitution.jpgThe Supreme Court of Canada has just declared that the prostitution laws in Canada are unconstitutional. A saving grace in the ruling however is that they have suspended their declaration of invalidity by one year, meaning that the current law remains valid until December of next year, giving our federal government time to rewrite the law. ARPA’s legal counsel was able to comment on the decision with CTV news this morning. Check out this link to watch the 6 minute interview (video appears on the right side of the page).

This story is actually good news, but only if we take action! The current law does have deficiencies, but the federnal government now has opportunity to implement a new law. ARPA has advocated for a new law for two years now, one based on the Nordic or Swedish law. For our short policy report on this issue, click here. Please contact your MP today to encourage them to action and to implement our recommendations as soon as possible! To send an EasyMail to your MP, click here. For our reflections on the hearing at the Supreme Court in June, click here. More to come.

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