Calgary Herald: Independent School Funding

08 Jul 2014 Calgary Herald: Independent School Funding

UPDATE: Link to video of debate is now available. Watch it here.

Should the Alberta government cease funding for private and chartered schools? That was the question posed at a recent debate in Tomkins Park, Calgary. 

The Calgary Herald has published a piece by McKenzie Hahn who attended and you can read her piece online. Ms. Hahn explains that as a graduate of the public education system and recognizing that she may one day need to make decisions regarding education, she decided to attend the public debate between Cardus’ Ray Pennings and MLA Kent Hehr.

Among her comments she highlights the benefits of private education, as demonstrated in the 2012 Cardus Education Survey (which you can download for free here), the reality that the subsidized funding of independent schools in fact saves our government money (parents are paying into the public system while also paying for their child’s education) and, what many people fail to realize, that “every system has an inherent world view”.

Read the full piece on the Calgary Herald website.

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