Try it Out: EasyMail 3.0 Launched!

08 Oct 2015 Try it Out: EasyMail 3.0 Launched!

ARPA has been working on getting the third edition of our popular EasyMail system up and running. It was launched this week, and is ready for you to use! We have a special Election Edition currently, with letters you can use to contact all your Candidates on issues that are important to you.

Some New Features:

•During the election campaign you can email all the candidates in your riding (not just the previous MP); 

•Login with Gmail or Facebook so you can track which letters you have sent and see if any letters are waiting your confirmation;

•If you login, you can skip the final step of needing to confirm that the letter is really coming from you;

•See how many MPs/candidates/MLAs have opened your email (assuming they open it in a web browser)

•And more…

There are a couple of emails for you to use:

– Gender Issues
– Prostitution

WNAL has a number of emails available on abortion:
– Abortion

and three options on the all-important issue of Euthanasia:

– Euthanasia vs. Palliative Care
– Euthanasia a Third Option
– Euthanasia – short version

If you experience any problems or need help, email [email protected]

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